About Us

siegi-and-sonsSiegi’s Sausage Factory has been hand-making sausages since 1980. Siegi’s is a family owned and run local business in Tulsa, OK. Siegimund Sumaruk, a 5fth generation sausage maker from Harthein, Austria (just outside of Linz), uses recipes passed down from his family. He runs his Meat Market, Deli, and Restaruant along with his wife, children, and grandchildren. With a focus on family and quality, we guarantee the very best from our products.

What We Do

Meat Market & Deli
Siegi’s has been serving the Tulsa area for 30+ years now. Our sausages are known around the state, as well as our meat market. In our meat market we not only serve 20+ sausages but also fresh cut raw meats, deli meats, salads, cheeses, and more! Stop by our location at 8104 S. Sheridan Rd. on the Southwest corner of 81st and Sheridan for fresh ground beef, steaks, and more.