Polish Sausage

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Smoked Pork and Beef Sausage Seasoned with Black Pepper, Garlic, & Caraway Seed


Also known as “Kielbasa” This traditional smoked sausage comes vacuum packed and frozen in packages of four. These sausages will last up to 6 months frozen and about 4 days after thawed and opened. View our Recipes to see how to best prepare this sausage!

2 reviews for Polish Sausage

  1. Dianne Hagerman

    This is superb Polish sausage, just like my immigrant uncle (who is now deceased) used to make. When we lived in Tulsa and I I first took some up to my mother in Chicago, she asked if I had my uncle make some (since he’d already retired). Now, I have to have it shipped but it’s well worth it! This is the Polish sausage we all grew up eating in Chicago. I’ve not had any other that even comes close!

  2. Charles (verified owner)

    Boy howdy! These are meaty, hearty and remind me of the ‘red hots’ I used to get at Leo’s in OKC. Will definitely warm your belly up in winter in South Dakota!

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