Brinker Roggenbrot Rye Bread


Brinker Ur-Roggenbrot 1000g (Old Rye Bread 35oz)

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Traditional rye bread handmade in Germany. It consists of 90% rye flour and 10% wheat flour made with 3-stage natural sourdough.

*On bread & baked goods: We’ve found that bread items do not stay frozen in transit, because of this we do not pack them in insulated boxes – all bread items will arrive completely thawed, most likely at room temperature. It is our recommendation to either cook or re-freeze them as soon as possible. We keep our bakery items frozen before shipping. According to the USDA, there are no safety risks with re-freezing baked items that have been pre-baked. To keep items fresh, place them in your freezer as soon as your package arrives.


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