Dusseldorf Mustard

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Siegi’s Spicy Brown Mustard


Siegi’s own Dusseldorf mustard – this spicy brown mustard is guaranteed to spice up any sausage, sandwich, or meat! A favorite on everything, this mustard compliments our sausages perfectly. This mustard comes in an 8.75 oz. squeeze bottle.

4 reviews for Dusseldorf Mustard

  1. Beau

    Had some of this on a brat at the Okc arts festival last night; absolutely delicious mustard. Actually had a little kick to it. I need a bottle or three.

  2. Kathleen

    Had this with sausage at Ingrid’s German Restaurant/Bakery in OKC. I DO NOT LIKE MUSTARD. I loved this. I bought a bottle of it right there in the store.

  3. Matt

    Love this stuff!They ran out of it at the grocery store so I may have to buy it online now.

  4. Tommy Tucker

    Love the mustard…… Where is it manufactured? produced?

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