Spicy Chicken Bratwurst

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Lean ground chicken with apples, sun dried tomatoes, jalapeños, & swiss cheese.


This is a local favorite! A fully cooked leaner bratwurst with just as much flavor and spice as all the others! This bratwurst comes vacuumed packed and frozen in packages of four. These bratwurst will last up to 6 months frozen and about 4 days after thawed and opened. View Our Recipes to see how the best prepare this bratwurst!

3 reviews for Spicy Chicken Bratwurst

  1. David

    I got one of these at Oktoberfest in 2015, and it was excellent. It’s very flavorful, and the heat level is perfect for my tastes (noticeable and lingering heat on the tongue; the heat complements the flavors, but doesn’t burn your mouth off). Really a perfect blend for people who say they don’t like brats. I’ll be buying a 4-pack.

  2. Peggy S.

    Our favorite for the past few years

  3. Becky

    I get these at Reasors regularly. They are very healthy and easy to prepare. They have a lot of flavor for being made with chicken. Definitely recommend!

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